BoatCoach 2.0

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BoatCoach 2.0 - ergometer screen

BoatCoach 2.0 – ergometer screen

After 4 months of work it’s finally time to release BoatCoach 2.0.

The new BoatCoach integrates the features that you most requested, including:

  • Concept2 ergometer support
  • Programmable workouts
  • Saved graphs
  • A simple and customizable user interface

But there’s a lot more than that so please give it a try & let me know what you think!

There were a number of beta testers who helped test the product.  You know who you are.  Many thanks to you for helping work out the kinks.  Special thanks also to a number of folks at Concept2 who provided technical support.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.  It makes for a better product.  Hope to hear from many of you.


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Dan Eiref has been writing software off and on since buying an Apple I in high school (i.e. a long time ago) and has been rowing for almost as long. BoatCoach is the outgrowth of mobile software development class he took recently for fun.

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  1. Keith Bradley says:

    How can I purchase the upgrade programs?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Keith –

      If your phone has Android OS version 4.1 or greater then you should be able to install BoatCoach 2.0. Go to the BoatCoach 2.0 settings page, click on the “upgrade” button near the top and then select what you’d like to purchase.

      If you have an older version of Android, unfortunately upgrades are not available.


      • AnnD says:

        Hi Dan. I purchased elite package for my phone. Can I also use upgrades on my tablet?

        Also, how do I exit app to save my session in csv? Thx!

        • Dan says:

          Hi AnnD -

          Yes, you can use the paid version for no additional cost on any device, just so long as you log into your other devices with the same Google ID that you used to make the purchase.

          In order to get the .csv sent to you, just hit the back button to exit the app. The app will offer to mail the .csv to you (assuming you’ve turned on .csv files from the settings page).


  2. Steve says:

    Are there any plans to develop the app for the waterrower erg?


  3. emanuele says:

    Please, the word of rower is Sliced on two. Concept2 and waterrower.
    We need to have an application as a boatcoach.
    Thanks and very good job

  4. Johan Hoeke says:

    Hi Dan,

    I’m a LWT, but boatcoach logs everything in concept2 logbook as HWT.
    In the settings screen I’ve set my weight to 72 kilo’s.

    • Dan says:

      Hi Johan -

      At 72Kg you are a lightweight man but if you were a woman you’d be a heavyweight. Since BoatCoach doesn’t know your gender it currently sets everyone to be a heavyweight.

      A forthcoming update to the app due out in a month will allow you to set your weight class. The update also has a number of other nice features.

      In the meantime I believe you can manually change your weight class on the Concept2 logbook website.


  5. Charles Bowell says:

    Hope to update to a PM5 unit

  6. Nat says:

    Do you think I can put a PM5 to replace the S4 on a waterrower?

  7. Conrad says:

    With my Samsung Galaxy S5 mini the stroke rate counter does not work properly. I put the waterproof device on the floor of the boat (different categories). At either sensitivity which can be selected, I get often false results. I.g. 14 instead of 20 oder 50 instead of 27. There is algorithm. Sometimes the results are ok. Heart rate and other figures are correct and useful. Who knows what to do?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Conrad – try changing your stroke settings to “z-axis only”. Sometimes this improves the accuracy in cases like yours. Also make sure the phone is securely attached to the foot stretcher and a) can’t flap around b) isn’t being banged into by anything.


  8. Sybold says:

    Hi Dan, i just purchased your app (basic).
    I have tried it this morning during my training in the boat. I start recording and after the training there was nothing to analise. My logbook was empty. I am doing something wrong?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Sybold – I assume you’re rowing on the water? If so, be sure to hit your phone’s back button when you’re done with the workout. The app will ask if you want to exit the workout. Click “yes” and at that point the workout will be saved to the logbook. The next time you enter the app, go to the logbook page, and your workout will be there.

  9. bela says:


    Has anyone used it for Dragon Boating? Any experiences on stroke rate and others?



  10. Rindert De Jong says:

    When I buy do I get the program or do I pay for use of the progam, for a subscription?


  11. steve says:

    Can the app be used on an android sports watch? If so is there a recommended watch? Thx

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