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The BoatCoach Cradle is the ideal way to mount your phone to a sweep or sculling rowing boat. You get get great heads-up visibility of data as you row and an easy way to get your phone in and out of the boat.

The Cradle snaps securely into a boat’s Nielsen Kellerman StrokeCoach(tm) or SpeedCoach(tm) mount.

Learn more here.

cradle mounted to NK base

cradle mounted to NK base



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Dan Eiref has been writing software off and on since buying an Apple I in high school (i.e. a long time ago) and has been rowing for almost as long. BoatCoach is the outgrowth of mobile software development class he took recently for fun.

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  1. Gillian Colledge says:

    As soon as I can make BoatCoach work on my Android phone I will buy a cradle!!

  2. Rosemary Nord says:

    Check the settings. It may be set that it won’t start counting strokes/min until you are at a 25 or something. I have an android too and I get how many strokes taken, strokes/min, time on the water, and total meters rowed. Also how many calories burned. Good luck!

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