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  1. Richard says:

    How do we access workouts from web site. I could not find out how.

    Otherwise: great app.


  2. karen says:

    does boatcoach only work with concept 2 ergos?

  3. Rob Grinnell says:

    I am not able to save my workouts to the Log Book. I am running Android v4.4.2 Kitkat. I have followed the instructions on the site but the workouts are not saved. What do I need to do?

    Thanks, Rob.

    • Dan says:

      Rob – if you are using a Concept2 ergometer, please remove the logcard from the performance monitor… it prevents the phone from downloading the log data from the PM. Unfortunately this is a limitation of the PM and is not something I can fix within the app.

  4. Stewart says:

    Re: Concept 2.
    Can I use this app on a PM3 firmware version 306, datecode: 0602009? If not is it possible to upgrade the firmware and how? Also what type of plug is it on the bottom of the PM3?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Stewart -

      It’s recommended that you upgrade your PM to have the latest firmware for the app to work properly.

      Upgrade instructions are available on the Concept2 website ( You will need a standard USB A/B cable to upgrade your PM… it’s the one that’s flat on one end and square on the other.

      To connect the PM to a phone you’ll need a special cable that can be ordered from Concept2 for $10 (


      • Stewart says:

        Thanks for your reply. Do you know if anyone has tested the Samsung Galaxy 3 GT-19305T? and in regards to the firmware is it possible that it may work on the 306?

        • Warwick says:

          Hi Stewart,
          You probably already have your answer to this question but …. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and have Boatcoach installed on it. In test mode it seems to work fine but I haven’t taken it out on the water yet. Purchased top of the line water-proof case for it yesterday. Hoping to get it on the water next week; expect that all will be fine!

  5. Kevin says:

    Does the GPS need data allowance. Looking to get a HTC 1 mini and being told this app will use data allowance.

    • Dan says:

      Hi Kevin – GPS does not use your data allowance. GPS is a free service from US government satellites. Truthfully. In fact if you want to put your phone in “airplane mode” (no data transmission) the app will work just fine.


  6. Rod Munro says:

    Boatcoach 1.0 was the only rowing app that would work on my HTC Wildfire and now version 2 works great on my HTC Desire. Thanks

    One option that I can’t seem to find on the newer version is the ability to adjust the colour of the screen background in an attempt to prolong battery life.
    I think that was available in 1.0?

    I can’t wait to try out the ergo and heart rate options.


    • Dan says:

      Hi Rod -

      Thanks for the nice feedback.

      Changing the background color is no longer available. The feature turned out to be a pain to maintain and wasn’t widely used so I took it out.

      However, you should know that changing the background color does not actually prolong the battery life. What *will* prolong battery life is if you go into your phone’s settings and under “display” manually reduce the brightness level.


  7. erik says:


    I’m wondering if this app will take heart rate from a Garmin ant+ strap in the boat if the phone has an ant+ receiver hooked up via usb cable.



    • Dan says:

      Hi Erik -

      The only supported heart rate monitor at the moment is Zephyr. The Garmin ant+ receiver won’t work with BoatCoach.


  8. Hugh says:

    HI there very interested in your software but do you know if it works for kayak paddling? I presume it uses the accelerometer in the phone to measure surges in the boat speed? I use a Sony xperia Active phone with Android 2.2 and it has Ant+ software ( I see your heart rate monitor doesn’t use this system- shame). Will the app work on this phone?
    Look forward to hearing from you,

    • Dan says:

      Hi Hugh -

      I’m not a kayaker myself but I worked with a few kayakers to develop the motion algorithm used to detect stroke rate in kayaking (it’s different than in rowing). You’ll need to select “kayak” under boat type and then choose x, y, or z axis of acceleration.

      The app should work on your phone but it doesn’t work with an Ant+ heart monitor.


  9. khedmaa says:

    Hello, first off thank you for the amazing app, and secondly i cant seem to change the skin color / background anymore, do i need to uninstall and install again ?

    • Dan says:

      Hi khedmaa – Starting with BoatCoach 2.0 you can no longer change the skin color/background. It’s just black on white. Sorry about that! -dan

  10. Larry says:

    Any plans for an IOS iphone version?

  11. Warwick says:

    Hi, as an on-water coach it would be great for me to have Boatcoach link and transmit a clone image from the coxswain’s device in the boat to my device in the tinny so that I can coach my crew in real time.

  12. Jacob says:

    Great app for outdoor… but would be fantastic if I could connect my Samsung S5 (quite regular phone) to the Concept 2 latest monitor PM5…
    I bought to connector kit but when connected the app does not recognize the PM5. I ran the USB Host Diagnostics test but its still unclear what to do. Cannot imagine that its my phone that has never problems being connected to any other type of device.
    Can you provide support on this?

    Kind regards

  13. Toby says:

    Every session I do with boatcoach gets logged as heavy weight in C2 logbook despite my setting my weight to 70kg in the settings.

  14. David says:

    Hi there, been loving the app to track my progress on the concept2 , it would be really awesome if there was integration to googleFit. Rowing is super underrepresented in most fitness apps and trackers and it would be nice to be able to get the data on workouts from boatcoach into a central app where other activities are opposed to having to enter each workout individually in these apps

    • Dan says:

      Hi David – you can export a .GPX file from BoatCoach and then import it into most central apps like Endomondo, Strava, Garmin, etc. I haven’t tried googleFit but if it accepts a .GPX is should work.


  15. Shaw says:

    Can you export a .GPX file (from an indoor session on the Concept) and import into Garmin or will Garmin only except outdoor rows with the gps on the phone turned on?

    • Dan says:

      You can export a GPX file from a Concept2 session. The location coordinates will be meaningless but you will get speed, stroke rate, heart rate, etc.

  16. Robert says:

    Im a dragon boater. Looking to be able to see stroke rates to at least 100spm. It only seems to go to 60.

  17. Chris says:


    Although the majority of the comments here are requests for support or new features, I want to simply say I think the app is fantastic. As soon as I downloaded the basic app and tried it once, it immediately replaced my speedcoach. I since purchased the maps and graphs upgrade.

    I am using the app several times a week training for head races. It has instantly become a great tool for my training.

    I am recommending it to our entire crew team.

    P.S. Will it work with a concept 2 model A soon???? Just kidding!

  18. Rioh Rizzio says:

    I purchased update modules for concept2 and fitbit Bluetooth the concept2 works but the fitbit does not. I wanted to monitor target heart rate during workout but this does not seem to do it. I would like a refund for the above mentioned modules. Thank you.

  19. Waldek says:

    Hello, I want to connect HR ANT+ with PM5 and PM5 with my phone via USB.
    Is BoatCoach (Dashboard Data, Graphs, Data Capture) will show HR data? Is the exported data to GPX or CSV will be HR data?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Waldek – sorry I don’t know what the results will be if you connect an ANT HRM to PM5. It should be OK but I have not tested this arrangement.

  20. Anthony says:

    My Zephyr HxM HRM will not work with boatcoach when I select the concept 2 option. Isn’t there any way you could add an option to allow for the HR data to be received from the zephyr (instead of the PM5)?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Anthony – a Zephyr HxM is a fairly old device in terms of heart rate monitors. I’d suggest you upgrade to a Bluetooth low energy device like those from Polar.

  21. Padraig says:

    Hi I’ve a Samsung Galaxy tab 4 and the correct concept 2 I connect cable to pm3 monitor which has up to date firmware (108) but boat coach app cannot detect the pm3 monitor

    • Dan says:

      Hi Padraig -

      Do you have logcard installed in the PM? If so, please uninstall.

      If that’s not the case your Tab may not have USB drivers capable of connecting to a PM. If you take a look at Concept2′s website under ErgData for Android they have a description of how to tell if your phone has proper USB support.


  22. lewin says:

    Great App, I would like to suggest the next upgrade to Boatcoach, other than an automated lactate test profile.

    An automatic selfie function!

    The phone, if placed in the C2 smart phone cradle should be pointing at your face, and would take two random selfies of you in the last eighth of any work out, and automatically post said shots to your social media account of choice, alongside your score. Thus providing a) evidence that it was you doing the actual piece, and b) evidence of how incredibly hard you are working!

  23. Marcus says:


    I use the interval of type low to make a pause between two sprints. Usually I start the next sprint after the heart rate falls below a certain limit. So the pause depends not only on time but also on my daily fitness.

    I’ve tried to plan the low interval with distance instead of time. The idea was to pause as long as I want by stopping rowing. But this doesn’t work. In intervals of type low a distance is translated in a certain amount of time, e.g. 400 meters in 1:40 min in my case.

    Is there is a possibility to add a flexible pause between two sprints?

    Best wishes

    • Dan says:

      Hi Marcus – Interesting thought. I’ll put it on my to-do list. best,dan

    • Dan says:

      Hi Marcus – unfortunately there’s no way to do what you’re asking. best, dan

      • Marcus says:

        Hi Dan,

        is the whole plan transferred to the PM at the beginning of the session? It seems to me that the next interval is transferred after the current one has finished.
        If so you could add pause button to the app. By pressing it the app would not send the next interval information to the PM.

        Best wishes

  24. what is the purpase of “elapsed time” , I want to stop that clock, it is confusing with the time of rowing after a start.

    • Dan says:

      Hi – elapsed time is the time since you started the app. If you want to keep track of time for an individual piece, use the start/pause/stop buttons.

  25. Steve Webb says:

    Hi are there any plans to produce a version of this for the waterrower ? I’d really like to be able to row against myself previous recorded rows, maybe use the stroke data to simulate rowing down the Amazon or such like !

  26. Brian says:

    I’m having difficulty getting it to upload data into Strava. The Boatcoach app is logged in successfully to Strava, but nothing ever uploads. Other than having to enter your Strava account info in Boatcoach – is there anything special required?

  27. Harald says:

    first of all this is an amazing app!
    However even if there was a “Bug fix for rowing on the water programs sometimes not saving” a month ago, my workout doesn’t get saved. I have reinstalled the app, but I cannot get it to save anything to the logbook.
    I’m using a Galaxy S6 running Android 7.0 with all permissions accepted for “BoatCoach”. I use the “start”- and “stop”-button and have tried it with and without “clear piece”. Or does it only save programms and not “free” rowing.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Dan says:

      Hi Harald – make sure you hit the “back” button on your phone to leave the app. When you hit the back button the app will confirm you want to leave. Only when you confirm leaving does the app save the workout.


  28. Marcus says:


    I want to transfer the settings, especially the programs to a second tablet but haven’t found an entry for exporting them.

    How can I perform this?

    Best wishes

  29. Rindert De Jong says:

    Do I buy the product if I upgrade
    Or do I pay for use, say monthly


  30. Robert says:

    Hello, Love the app for OC1 but mostly DB training, but noticed 2 things lately:
    1. Ads (with motion) at top of screen while training — Huh? This is bad for battery and a distraction
    2. Since I got OnePlus 6 phone with screen gestures, all kind of chaos:
    A: Swiping to home to to another app (like camera) may reset session, dropping/abandoning data Since session start
    B. App stops recording GPS and speed when not in focus, so going to home or any other app like camera or shutting off screen, app stops recording

    Also with modern OLED screens, a black/dark mode option will reduce battery consumption.

    • Dan says:

      Sorry, don’t know how I overlooked your post. Response…
      1) Ads are going to be removed in an upcoming version of hte app
      2) Not sure about the chaos
      3) BoatCoach is designed to be run in the foreground. Sorry, but opening up other apps can lead to unexpected consequences.
      4) BoatCoach now supports white text on a black background to improve contrast and decrease batter consumption. You can swap colors in the quick settings menu on the dashboard.


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