erg with friends


Erg against friends

Erg with friends


Now for the first time you can erg against friends, teammates, and partners, whether they be in the same room or a different continent, using nothing more than your Android phone.

“Erg with Friends” allows up to 8 people row with each other while sharing live workout data (stroke rate, speed, time, distance, etc), giving you the motivation and encouragement you need to do your best.

After the workout completes you can communicate with your fellow rowers from within the app.


There are may ways to use Erg With Friends

  • A Varsity 8 erging together can see each others’ splits, generating high level of motivation
  • An Alumni 4 preparing for race can work out together even though they’re in different cities
  • A gym class can erg together and encourage each other as they go.
  • A solo rower in his basement can find a workout partner



"Erg with Friends" button

“Erg with Friends” button

1. Connect your phone to an erg and click “Erg with Friends”.


2. The workout leader should then do the following:

  • Click invite friends

    Click invite friends

    Click “Invite friends” (and log into Google+ if prompted)

  • Choose workout length

    Choose workout length

    Choose workout length (500m to 2 hours)

  • Select friends

    Select friends and click “play”

    Select friends and click “play”

The “Nearby Players” feature allows you to quickly find friends who are in the same room.

Note: it is much easier to find and invite your friends if you put each other in Google+ circles before the workout starts.


3. All your friends will now receive an invitation; their phone will buzz, and an invitation icon will show in the phone’s notification bar.

At this point several things can happen:

  • All the friends accept the invitation and the workout starts


    Accept invitation

  • Only some of the friends accept the invitation.  After about a minute of waiting you’ll be given a choice to start the workout without them, or to keep waiting
  • Nobody accepts… in which case you can keep waiting or cancel


4. The workout will automatically start

  • BoatCoach will program your erg with the correct time / distance
  • There’s a 20 second count down before beginning
  • Erg with friends

    Erg with friends

    You’ll see live workout data on your phone for both yourself and your friends.

  • There are 3 display screens to choose from that give you 12 data points about your friends… everything from speed to heart rate to power.
  • Clicking on the arrow at the top of the screen allows you to flip between screens
Send messages to workout partners

Send messages to workout partners


5. After the workout completes, your workout data will automatically be stored in your BoatCoach logbook and you can also exchange messages with other rowers by clicking the message icon at the top of the screen.



Erg with Friends is still in Beta, which means that it works well most of the time, but some features may be added later to improve usability and/or you may occasionally encounter issues.

Please email with issues/improvements.  In particular, if you run into a problem, please attach a screen shot.  Thanks