Live Streaming to Facebook

BoatCoach Live lets you send a video of your workout straight from your phone to Facebook.  It’s a great way to show off a race, a personal best, and get encouragement and coaching from others, all as your workout is underway.Dan on rowing machine


  • Live video.  Viewers will see what you see as the race is underway and the video will be saved to your Facebook account for later viewing.
  • Works for both Concept2 and on-the-water rowing
  • Your statistics (time, distance, speed, stroke rate, etc.) are overlaid on top of the video.
  • Choose where to post your video… either to your Facebook timeline or to one of your Facebook groups.  [Don’t have a Facebook group?  Try joining the BoatCoach User’s Group.]
  • Optionally save a copy of your video to your phone in MP4 format so you can upload to other sites like Youtube.


  • Go to the Settings page and log into your Facebook account.  As you’re logging in choose the level of privacy you’d like (viewable by only you, you and your friends, or everyone).  Make sure you accept all the required BoatCoach permissions.
  • Once you’ve logged in, underneath the Facebook button you can choose where to post the video, either to your timeline or to one of your Facebook groups.  Note that not all groups have BoatCoach enabled so you may need to contact a group administrator to ask them to add BoatCoach (simple instructions for the admin here).
  • Go back to the Dashboard and click on the red camcorder icon at the top.  Accept a couple of Android permissions that pop up and then you’ll be live streaming!  When you’re streaming you’ll see “BoatCoach Live” at the top of your screen.
  • Click the red button again to end streaming.  For your privacy if you exit or background BoatCoach, streaming will also end.
  • BoatCoach records video throughout the app… not just on the Dashboard.
  • If your stream is public, people can comment on your video as your workout is underway and the comments will show up on your phone live! (feature is not fully tested).

Settingslive stream settings

On the Settings page, underneath the Facebook icon, there’s a Broadcast Settings button.  Most settings should not be changed but there are a few settings worth noting…

  • You can select either the front or back camera.
  • You can save a copy of your workout in MP4 format to the phone’s BoatCoach folder
  • You can disable audio.  Note that Facebook doesn’t like audio disabled so as you stream you’ll see frequent messages indicating that the app is having trouble connecting to Facebook.  However, BoatCoach is generally able to quickly reconnect and continue.
  • You can adjust the video compression bitrate.  The default is 2000kbps but if you’re in an area with a poor signal, you may want to lower the bitrate.


  • If you are playing music in the background that is copyrighted (that’s true for most music) Facebook may dub out the music or even delete the post.
  • Video is not truly live.  Facebook inserts a 10-15 second delay… probably so they can check for things like copyright infringement.
  • BoatCoach records the entire screen, so any notifications that occur (like incoming phone calls) will also be recorded.  If this is a concern, best to put the phone in do-not-disturb mode before recording a workout.