Most features in BoatCoach are free.

For the serious rower, BoatCoach comes with upgrades to help improve your performance. You can upgrade by selecting “upgrades” from the BoatCoach Settings page.

More details on each of the upgrades follows.



list of programs

Do your workout using any of the built-in workout programs.  Or, create your own workout programs in seconds using the simple graphical interface.

Programs can be any combination of time and distance and the level of effort for each segment can be easy, medium, or hard.

Target stroke rates can be set.  For example, you could choose to row a pyramid piece at set stroke rates of 22, 24, 26, 28, 26, 24, 22.

editing a program

editing a program

The same programs can be used both in a boat and on an ergometer.

The ‘Pyramid to 5 minutes’ program is free if you want to give it a try before buying.




BoatCoach allows you to graph your rowing or ergometer workout on your phone.

Variables include time, distance, speed, stroke rate, and heart rate.

Do a regression analysis and plot speed vs. stroke rate to see how effectively you increase your speed for each extra increase in stroke rate.

Automatically set background color to indicate level of effort in a program.

Pinch and zoom within the graph to see details.  Set minimums and maximums.  Email graphs to yourself.

View graphs of past workouts in the logbook.


Data Capture

data capture

data capture graph in MS Excel

The Data Capture feature allows the rower to collect and analyze detailed information about their speed, stroke rate, stroke count, heart rate, distance, GPS location, and other data.  This information is then emailed to the rower in a .CSV and/or .GPX file for post-workout analysis.

Data capture works for both rowing-on-the-water and ergometer workouts.

CSV format is great if you want to analyze the data in Excel or other spreadsheet programs. It’s more human readable that GPX.  One of the best ways to analyze CSV files is RowsAndAll, which can directly import BoatCoach CSV files.

GPX format is great if you want to import the data into other workout programs like Garmin or Endomondo. This format is also easiest for viewing your workout on a map.

The frequency of data capture can be varied from once/second to once/30 seconds.

To use the data capture feature you’ll need to purchase an upgrade.

Basic Bundle

Save money by buying Programs, Graphs, and Data Capture together!



Analytics - compare frequency vs. speed between workouts

Analytics – compare frequency vs. speed between workouts

Analytics - graph multiple workouts

Analytics – graph multiple workouts

Graph multiple workouts *simultaneously*.  For example select all workouts named ’2000m’ and measure your speed progress over the season.

Additional graph formats available with Analytics include distance vs. time and frequency vs. speed.

Summarize your workout history (time and distance) by day, week, month, and year in tabular and graph format (daily summary is free).

View your Concept2 Power Curve.  Take a look at your average power curve for the workout as well as the curve for the four quarters of the workout.  Look at your power distribution for the entire workout.  With the Data Capture upgrade you can also export your Concept2 power curve to a CSV file.

Power Curve Distribution

Analytics – Power Curve Distribution

Power Curve Averages

Analytics – Power Curve Averages

Summarize workout time and distance

Summarize workout time and distance by date

Requires that you have already purchased Graphs or Basic Bundle.








Heart Rate Monitor

heart rate monitor

heart rate monitor

Add support for a Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor (Bluetooth Smart is also known as Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth 4.0).

This upgrade has been fully tested with the Polar H7 heart rate monitor but should work with all Bluetooth Smart HRMs.  Your phone needs to run at least Android 4.3 and have a Bluetooth 4.0 chip.

To use the HRM feature

  1. Wear your HRM (usually it helps to moisten the HRM strap first to get better conductivity)
  2. Turn on BoatCoach and go to the settings page
  3. Under “Heart Rate Monitor” select “Bluetooth Smart”.  Pay for the upgrade if you haven’t already.
  4. Click the “Connect to BT Smart HRM” button that will appear
  5. The app will give you a list of BT Smart Devices that it finds.  Select your HRM.
  6. The app will automatically connect to this HRM in the future


Map Workouts

speed plotted on the map

speed plotted on the map

With the mapping upgrade you can map one or multiple workouts simultaneously using satellite or street view.  Workouts are color coded by speed, piece, or date.

Within a workout view your speed at different locations on the course.  Green is for paddling (60% peak speed), shades of yellow mean you were working hard but not going your fastest (80%), orange for near fastest boat speed, and deep red locates the peak (100%) speed for your workout.

Screenshot_2014-11-15-21-29-45When you map multiple workouts simultaneously you can compare steering and see where improvements can be made for the next workout.  Anybody who rows on a river with a lot of turns, or who rows in open water like a harbor will find this particularly useful.


map of where pieces started and stopped

map of where pieces started and stopped

If you used programmable workouts, or hit “start/stop piece” during your workout, you’ll be able track exactly where the piece began and ended.





Bluetooth Wireless Connection to Concept2 PM5

Push button to get list of PM5

Push button to get list of PM5

With the latest version of BoatCoach and a Bluetooth Low Energy (aka Bluetooth Smart) equipped Android phone, you can throw away that USB cable and connect wirelessly to your PM5.Here’s what you’ll need to do

  1. Make sure your PM5 is running at least firmware version 18 (Concept2 has instructions for updating your firmware here.)
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone, if it isn’t already
  3. Go to the BoatCoach Settings page.
    • Purchase the PM5 Bluetooth Wireless Upgrade
    • Under “Concept2 Performance Monitor” select “Connect to PM5 with Bluetooth”
    • Press the button that appears that says “Connect to Bluetooth PM5″
  4. On your PM5 turn on wireless (‘Menu’ / ‘More Options / ‘Wireless on’).  You’ll need to do this each time you turn on the PM5.
  5. Your phone will show a list of PM5s nearby.  Select one.

    Select from List of PM5

    Select from List of PM5

BoatCoach will automatically try to connect to this PM in the future.  You can always choose a different PM5 at a later date.